Classic canoe "Pandju"

Download the .pdf factsheet here.

Building a boat yourself is a lot of fun during winter and gives unmatched satisfaction on the water the next season.

JRCRAFTYARD.EE offers you all-inclusive boat kit to build a traditional style wooden canoe. CNC cut plywood kit allows easy construction for first- timers, including slot-together frames, pre- drilled holes for stitch-and-glue, puzzle joints, and high precision in the fitting of parts.

Canoe “Pandju” is relatively beamy and therefore very stable boat. It is designed with two seats but 

can easlily accommodate a family with kids. Both ends have big watertight compartments for extra safety and can be used for storing camping gear.

Okume marine-grade plywood of 5mm thickness is used for the hull construction, and 10mm for the gunwales, seats and yoke.

Main dimensions:

length: 4,7m
width: 0,98m
weight: ca38kg
lowest height from bottom to gunwales: 0,32m

With “Pandju” boat kit you don’t have to worry about where to find good quality epoxy, fillers, glass-fiber cloth or hatches. As said - all materials you need are included in out kit so you can focus puely on the process of building.

Stand out from the crowd and build a boat yourself!

“Pandju” DIY boat kit: 950 €
(22% VAT inc., shipping fees from Estonia apply)

Kit includes: CNC precut plywood parts, epoxy and hardener, fillers, fiberglass cloth, hatches, cable ties, webbing for seats, hardware and build manual.

Ships whitin 2-3 weeks. Please leave a message and we will issue the invoice. 

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