SCAMP sailboat

The SCAMP (acronym of Small Craft Advisor Magazine Project) is a wooden hulled Balanced Lug rigged sailing dinghy. 

The boat is 3.63 m long, and capable of accommodating four persons on a daysail or one to two for overnighting or extended cruising. New Zealand boat designer, John Welsford considers it possibly the best boat he's designed, based on "suitability for purpose". While no particular feature of the boat is unprecedented, the combination of design elements has produced a "new genre of sailboat”.

LOA: 3,63 m
Beam: 1,63 m
Draft: 0,18 m
Hull weight: 200kg
(including rig)
Rig type: balanced lug rig
Mailnsail: 9,3 m2

Design elements

Pram bow - allows for a greater beam for any given length. Don't have to pull the forward plank ends together. More volume and therefore buoyancy forward.

Stowage cabin - The cuddy on SCAMP serves many purposes. The overhanging cabin top acts like a dodger and is large enough for an adult to sit athwartships out of the weather. Additionally, items in forward lockers can be accessed without water getting into storage area. Stowage cabin also houses a mast box that supports more of the mast than is possible with open boats. This in turn allows for an unstayed mast.

Balanced lug rig (Lug sail) - The balanced lug rig provides a number of advantages

Unstayed - no stays, sail can pivot all the way forward if need be increasing safety

The part of the sail in front of the mast "balances" the pressure of the wind on the sail. When tacking it catches the wind and helps the sail pivot across. When gybing it reduces the amount of force when the boom comes across. When running downwind it keeps the center of effort closer to the centerline of the boat reducing weather helm

Once the sail is raised, the sailor only has to manage one sheet, making it easy to singlehand.

The "off set-centerboard" is in a case that is on the starboard side of the cockpit under the seat. This provides for an unobstructed cockpit and a place to sleep when at anchor. The centerboard and the rudder are based on NACA airfoil shapes to provide lift when moving through the water.

Skegs - Two skegs are mounted on the bottom. These provide a flatter base to support the boat above the bottom when grounding or beaching for protection and leveling.

Buoyancy - SCAMP has five separate watertight buoyancy areas, forward under the cuddy, below the floor of the cuddy, the aft area under the cockpit, and each seat.

Water ballast - Centrally located under the cockpit sole, a water ballast chamber holds approximately 170 lb (77 kg) of ballast down low where it is most beneficial. This ballast can be emptied to facilitate easier rowing or trailering.

Source text: Wikipedia

This boat was custom made for a client in Finland, using 10mm and 6mm marine certified okume plywood and has sapele mahogany trim.

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