Greenland style sea kayak "Shrike"

Download .pdf factsheet here.

These classic and beautiful West Greenland lines, the result of centuries of development, produce a hull that is maneuverable, and suited to rough water.

The Greenland hull is here combined with the best of modern sea kayak construction developments, e.g. bulkheads, hatches and skeg.

Paddlers have differing requirements for the shape, size and height of the cockpit. The Shrike boat kit can be ordered with easy-to -enter-and- exit keyhole cocpit or with an ocean cockpit providing much closer fit and easy rolling.

Okume marine-grade plywood of 3mm thickness is used for the hull construction.

Minimum weight of the kayak can be as low as 14,5 kg, making it almost half the weight of commercially available composite kayaks. Adding some extra sheahting for higher rigidity and wear resistance is optional and the boat will still be light enough to mount on a car roof by one person.

The stitch and glue construction should be within the capabilities of anyone from enthusiastic young teenagers to office workers.


length: 5,3m
beam: 0,54m
cockpit internally: 0.83m x 0.39m (keyhole cockpit); 0.5m x 0.4m (ocean cockpit)
keel to underside of foredeck at front of cockpit: 0.32m (keyhole cockpit)0.27m (ocean cockpit)
keel to top of rear rim of cockpit: 0,23m
weight min: 14,5kg

Kit includes: CNC precut plywood parts (keyhole or ocean cockpit version), epoxy and hardener, fillers, fiberglass tape and cloth, hatches, cable ties, hardware and build manual.

E-mail or call +372 5052568 for more information.

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